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What are we here for?

We still believe in written word as in today’s world we get overwhelmed easily by video content.  Our team of experts is dedicated to providing quality information and advice across a wide range of topics, so if you’re looking for help with something specific – or just want an easy way to search the web for the best solution – we’ve got you covered.

Writing articles

Our mission is as simple as it gets: write about stuff. Everything goes. If something grabs our attention, we write about it.

Give as your ideas

If you have a question about anything or you would like us to write an article about something, let us know!

Trending Topics

We try to cover all kinds of topics that are popular at the certain moment. We follow trends and write articles about them.

Our Process

There are many ways to get to the final product in a form of an article but it usually all starts with a single thought that develops into idea. We go on and do a research on it, take defferent perspectives of it and try to find the most straight forward opinion to it. Then we go and do some magic with words until we have an article about it.

Getting ideas

From the popular topics trending publicly to the ideas that comes from our heads, we are never short of content.


After decades of using internet and having many projects behind us, we know how to find cruical information.

Write about it

When most important steps of finding topics to write about is over its time to use our magical fingers to form words.

Just a few, but we are growing

All the greatest things are rarely done by just one person. That’s why there are two of us. For now. As we work as five!

Tomaž Kolar

Owner, creative writer

Urban Klančnik

Owner, creative writer
Topic Universe

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